What is safe containment?

Safe containment is what we do. Our products are specifically designed to meet this requirement.

The term waste refers to a product or products that contaminate the environment. They can remain toxic for decades and storing them without a suitable containment procedure risks future generations having to live in an environment that is hostile to human life. In addition to this, once a containment solution has been applied, there is

no turning back and no means of correction. This means there can be no trade off between quality and the available budget. A solution is either suitable or not and the requirements for geomembranes used for waste containment, which has strict requirements and high levels of responsibility, are widely known in the industry and detailed in the most advanced legislation.

In this context, Atarfil’s solutions are arguably the best option on the market

in terms of cost. The requirement for secure containment also holds for applications such as hydraulic engineering, which despite not having a risk of widespread environmental contamination, nonetheless have high levels of responsibility for social and economic damage caused by failure, both in terms of the storage and the channelling of potable and irrigation water, as well as environmental damage in the case of wastewater treatment.