Company culture



Over all of the company’s years of business, we have gradually established a series of basic principles which are today part of Atarfil’s business culture.
They represent a series of behavioural guidelines, convictions and procedures that are employed when undertaking our activities, including the analysis of our customers’ needs, the process of making such needs our own, the development of solutions, the manufacture of the product and its marketing, profound respect for our competitors, the defence of our convictions and the advantages of our proposals and the behaviour of any member of the company, both internally and to the outside world, within the social environment of each country or with respect to our invaluable suppliers. The following three principles are immovable:



An essential basis to establish bonds of trust with our customers and with our social and economic surroundings. Clarity, shared information and effectiveness through action, this is the only way to achieve Transparency as an organization.

Building teams

We are all part of a single project, involving all participants who form a team that seeks a common objective: to find solutions for our customers based on professionalism, effectiveness and resiliency. The Team helps to minimise errors and enhances the resilience of the whole organization, bringing it into line with the same objective.


Meeting the needs of people to increase their quality of life, promoting the smart use of the planet’s resources, simply because they are limited, without jeopardising the quality of life of future generations. A product without quality is never sustainable.