We know how important it is to our customers that materials are in the right place at the right time, since this is an essential part of coordinating the different components of a project. Late delivery always means extra costs. However, this is also true of early deliveries, since the means to unload the goods may not yet be ready on site.

When orders are received, instructions are sent to the factory to ensure manufacture by the delivery date requested by the customer.

At Atarfil, we use all available modes of transport (normally lorries, containers and trains) but can also send goods by air freight.

Our logistics department organises and contracts the shipping for each destination. Atarfil’s shipping service does not entail extra costs for the customer over and above the transport itself.

Under normal circumstances, ex works sales are not permitted, since this can cause problems coordinating the loading of the product by the factory and the means provided by the customer.

Atarfil takes a photograph of each container or truck as it leaves the factory. This information is available to the customer and includes the registration number of the transport and the configuration of the loaded goods.

We can also supply videos for unloading instructions for one or two product pyramid configurations.
The product is specially designed to optimise cargo capacity.