Safe containment

SINCE 1995

Strategic principles

Atarfil was founded in 1995, based on three strategic principles:


Maximum specialisation

The only way to ensure that our product brand is a benchmark within the Safe Containment sector.


In-house technology

We own and develop in-house processing technology. Thanks to this, and the company’s globalisation, we are able to reach a critical size, providing final customers with a unique global product with an identical level of safety, wherever they are located.


Raw material

Our selection of raw material, along with processing technology, enables us to manufacture a maximum performance product. Atarfil carefully selects the raw material to be transformed into geomembranes, among a small number of the most reputable suppliers on a global level, leaders in innovation and quality. Therefore, all of the materials used are of known origin, ensuring maximum traceability and widely consistent and proven properties.