Safe containment

SINCE 1995

Proud to be

We are proud of what we are, we enjoy what we do, and that has enabled us to occupy a pivotal position on the global Geomembrane market, within an extremely competitive environment.

Our brand has achieved a position as a highly reputable product in over 50 countries.
But there is no time to lose. We have already forgotten about our achievements and we are now focused on looking ahead. The challenge is increasingly more demanding.
That is why, as a company, we are dedicated to building teams and to their continuous training. The foundation of an organization such as ours that wants to look to the future are efficient and motivated people, within a professional culture based on the ethical principles of respect and transparency towards others.
We want to continue to advance, to discover, to innovate, to improve. We want to grow in the same way as we have up to now, with the same commitment, dedication and devotion, proud of what we have achieved, and also, of how we have corrected our errors.
Convinced of Atarfil’s urge to excel as the company’s main driving force. We want to continue to be ATARFIL.

Proud to Be