Safe containment

SINCE 1995

Differential Fact

Atarfil does not seek to be different, we let our Customers, Prescribers, Authorities and, in general, any other relevant market operator within our sector be the judge of that.
The company has been built on solid ethical principles, based on absolute respect for our economic, social and market environment, and it is fully aware of the responsibility of the applications for which its products are employed.

Geomembranes for Safe Containment are a Safety product. There are many other products that could be incorporated into this concept: seatbelts, safety helmets, climbing or construction harnesses, etc.

The main difference with other products is that, in the case of a Safety product, there is no “going back”. There is no way of rewinding or repairing the consequences of the fact that the product has not worked at the required time.

In the case of the geomembrane, it may not seem as obvious, but we all know that, after having decided which product to install, it is not possible to start again from scratch if a fault is found, because it could be covered by hundreds of tons of waste. The only option would be to mitigate the consequences of the subsequent pollution and we could never return to the starting point.
The Atarfil product must be effective from the outset and, furthermore, it must be equipped with the maximum properties on offer by current technology, enabling it to withstand all kinds of eventualities over the necessary period to deactivate the toxicity of the waste.
This is our commitment, which must also be achieved at a competitive cost.

With regards to the latter point, we have very little leeway, taking into account that electricity consumption, machinery and manpower all represent a small percentage of the final cost of the product. But that is Atarfil’s challenge.

That is why we need to obtain economies of scale, optimise the efficiency of productive processes, achieve maximum integration with final customers… but we must never modify our commitment of offering a product of maximum individual safety.

It does not have to be an individual product. Due innovation management enables the incorporation of new materials, making it possible to create packages of geomembranes with the segregation of functions, to obtain an increasingly safe containment system. A manufacturer must maintain the quality of its products (whatever their level) and that of its supply. The final users and other agents involved will determine the scale of quality compared to other competing products, but it must always be consistent.

Therefore, as a Manufacturer we are obliged to select a certain source of raw material, to optimise our manufacturing conditions, and even to intervene in the design and construction of the machinery used, to provide the market with a unique product for a unique application such as Safe Containment.

Everything that has been listed up to this point represents the Distinguishing Characteristic of Atarfil, but the reader will always have the last word.