Published 11/04/2018

Isla del Hierro 100% Renewable

“El Hierro” is part of the province of Santa Cruz e Tenerife, it is a small island located in the Atlantic Ocean in the most western and southern part of the archipelago of the Canary Islands (Spain).

With a population of 10,679 inhabitants approximately and its 268.71 km2, it has become a great reference in terms of renewable energies.

At beginning of 2000 the island was declared by the Unesco like Reserve of the Biosphere. In June of 2014, it was declared a Geopark by Unesco thanks to the start-up of “Gorona del Hierro Complex”, with which the island achieves its objective of being fully supplied by renewable energies.

We invite you to know more about this magnificent island and the great work they have done from the “Gorona del Norte” complex that has made the Isla del Hierro a reference worldwide in terms of renewable energies.

From ATARFIL we are proud to provide our own small contribution to this project and we want to congratulate the great work that all the participants have done.